How to create Farming Simulator 21 mods?

We think everyone gamer enjoy Farming Simulator 21 mods. A lot of mods you can download on websites like this. Here you can find various authors created mods. But what if you want to create mods by self? Where to start? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

Firstly, before creating mod you must decide what type of mod do you want to create. There are various categories of mods. The most popular categories are tractors, harvesters, tools, and maps. But usually is pretty hard to create a new model of tractor or harvester. Most easily to create is texture mods.

If you decided to create a tractor or harvester mod, you must have highly detailed real photos of a vehicle. Make a plan with true proportions. Think about every detail on the outside (body) model and interior. These steps you can do with 3D software, like Autocad. It is pretty hard to learn how works 3D software. So have patience when learning. Some modders sometimes copy models from other games and adopt for Farming Simulator 21. That’s shortening mod creating time.

Similarly enough creating processes is for creating implements and tools. But implements usually are much simpler. If you want to create tractor weight or simple plough will be much more easily than tractor. Implements have fewer parts than large farming machinery.

But all these mods connect one feature – for all machinery and vehicles need to create scripts. For example, a script can make tractor ride, steer, open doors, attach implement and many more functions. Implements have fewer scripts, but also need to create assigned functions. Your created plough or mower will not work properly if you will skip scripting.

Another part of mods is maps. At first glance, create a map seems easier than vehicle model. Usually, there are truths. For maps also need to create 3D models, but these models can be a little bit inaccurate dimensions and structure. For example, when you create a house model, you can remove chimney or change windows positions and it would look nice anyway. For vehicles, you can’t just remove some parts.

The main program to create mods for Farming Simulator is Giants Editor, in other words, Giants Developer Network (GDN). This is the special software created for Farming Simulator. So, you can edit and create only FS21 mods (or older FS games). Using Giants program you can write scripts, edit 3D models, create maps. Briefly, Giants Editor are usable for 3D models adopting to FS games.

A lot of modders which works with 3D software, Giants Editor have a great experience and can work in the game industry.

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