Historic tractors on FS21

In 1892 John Froelich invented the first tractor in the world. It was the first petrol-powered tractor. This invention wasn’t successful. Later, in 1901 Dan Albone created an improved version of the tractor. This tractor was the first commercial tractor. It looked like a modern tractor: smaller wheels in front and larger in back, the engine in front and a driver seat in the back. In this article, we show some historic tractor mods in Farming Simulator.

Dan Albone tractor. Wikipedia photo.

John Deere 4020 mod. John Deere is the most popular tractors brand in the world. Farming Simulator players can find tons of JD mods, but this one is different. John Deere 4020 very old tractor, made from 1964 to 1972. It was a high powered tractor and had about 90 horsepower. This tractor was colored in traditional John Deere colors, green and yellow, like today JD tractors. Interesting, that 4020 model did not have a cabin with a roof.

John Deere 4020 mod. Fs17.lt image.

Kirovets K700. This is a very large tractor, a little newer than tractors above, but in today rarely used, except Russia and other eastern countries. Like you see from image K700 is a heavy-duty tractor with incredible size wheels. It was perfect for all hard work in farming or forestry. Made by USSR, the first tractor made in 1962 and production continued until 2002. It had nine variants with various modifications, like engine power increase, cabin modifications, crane add-on, industrial mods and other. Most of these tractors colored yellow color. This monster weight is about 13 tons, it has from 300 to 500hp engines, max speed 33km/h.

Kirovets K700. Fs17.lt image.

MTZ-80 is another USSR (Russian) old tractor, but this time a lot of smaller than Kirovets. First MTZ-80 made in 1974. It has a small cabin, but good visibility from the driver position. On later modifications cabin size a little increased. Most often MTZ-80 colored solid blue or red colors. This tractor was so successful that produced so far. Some MTZ tractors were exported to the USA and Canada, some works today in eastern countries. Small farmers like this tractor because their parts very cheap and everyone mechanic can repair this pretty simple tractor.

MTZ 82. Fs19.lt image.

Fordson Major. Yes, it is Fordson (not Ford). This is an old classic tractor which our grandfathers very well remember. Introduced in 1952. Fordson brand belonged for Ford company. Fordson Major was popular in Ireland, England and the Soviet Union. Most often they painted blue & orange colors.

Fordson Major. Fs17.lt image

We hope all of these tractors we will see in FS21 mods. They are very popular old tractors, which attracts the attention of old-time fans.

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