Farming Simulator 20

While we wait for the new Farming Simulator game, we want to talk about not only about FS21 mods but also about other new farming game. It is Farming Simulator 20. What it is? It’s a new version of Farming Simulator 19? You will know in this article.

Farming Simulator 20.

Farming Simulator 20 is an extension of FS 18 game. It is real Farming Simulator but adapted for consoles. FS20 is a little simplified version of the PC version, but also enjoyable. It works on Android, iOS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita systems. This means you can play it with your smartphone with Android or iOs system and with small game consoles, like 3DS. So, you can play Farming Simulator in school, work, restaurant, plane or somewhere else.

Farming Simulator 20 must be released in December 2019. Firstly, it will be released on the Nintendo console, later for others. A lot of features will be transferred from Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) game. So, if you enjoyed FS19, you will like FS20 also. FS20 planning to offer more than 100 farming vehicles and tools. This number is not small, then we are talking about a mini-console or mobile phone game.

Like you know this website is decided to FS21 mods. So, we plan to share only FS21 mods. Farming Simulator 20 likely will not have a lot of mods. Previous versions of FS console versions were only a few mods, like unlimited money mod or unlock all vehicles from the game store. Today mobile game mods are not popular and have very small support. So, if you want to play Farming Simulator with mods, we recommend to play FS21 and enjoy with tons of free mods.

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