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One of the most enjoyable things in Farming Simulator games are mods (modifications), about this we talk in this article.

A lot of games have a modding possibility, but not have thousands of mods, like FS game. Just a few games can offer the incredible size of modding community, one of this is Farming Simulator game. We have experience with a lot of Farming Simulator series games (FS11, FS13, FS15, FS17, FS19) so we can share some thoughts about mods.

The most popular modifications are tractors, harvesters and maps. These are essential elements of the game. But most quantity modifications, of course, are implements and tools. Players also enjoy other mods, like textures, buildings, trailers, trucks, cars, loaders, forestry machinery and others.

Screenshot from Farming Simulator 19

Mods variety

If you like modern farming machinery, you will find a great choice of popular brands, like John Deere, Claas, New Holland and much more. Usually, after game release modders present newest and trending farming tractors, harvesters, implements modifications, which is relevant to real life.

For futuristics farmers modders can offer unreal, fictional mods, like tractor with 20 wheels. Can you imagine that? We hope in real life no, but in games – yes!

But what if you like old times? No problem! In the all Farming Simulator games was created tons of old-time mods. Old John Deere, MTZ, Belarus, Kirovets and much more brands reflect old times. If you want more reality we recommend using not only old machinery but also map and buildings which reflect old times mood.

Mods functionality

Default machinery can be recoloured body or rims, have changeable engines, wheels. But some exclusive mods have more functions than default items. For example, in some tractor mods, you can open doors or skylight, or change automatic transmission to manual. Harvesters have a lot of functions to optimal harvest. You can change the header height, blade distance, container size. Like default machinery, mods also can be recoloured, have changeable engines, wheels. Trailers also have some choices: wheels base, trailer cover, wheels brand, trailer joint and others. In-game mod store you will see a lot of information about every item: engine variations, fuel tank capacity, speed, purchase price and operation price, full name with a model (most of the store items are realistic). Also, it is possible to rotate and zoom the camera to see a tractor or other item from all sides. All mods and default machinery can be rented. For example, if you need sprayer only for small work, instead of buying it, you can rent.

Do you afraid about computer performance with mods? If yes, we have good news! Most mods do not overload computer performance and you can have a lot of mods in your savegame. Except is for maps. Large and very detailed map likely to drop FPS. They try to load tons of small objects, textures. So, if you have a weak PC, try to avoid from large or highly detailed map mods.

How to download? Does need to pay for that?

Most mods are absolutely free, so you can download without emptying your wallet. If you are mod creator, you can earn money from file hosts, like or, which pays for downloads. It’s a good idea to earn some money for your work.

If you are afraid about large file sizes and low-speed internet we have good news. Most mods take only a few megabytes. But some mod sizes are very different and can occupy hundreds of megabytes or about one gigabyte, for example, maps or mod packs.

This article is first of Farming Simulator 21 series articles. Wait for new ones! 🙂

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